Roberto Vicentti Collection 2018

The big inspiration for the new collection was the party idea evolving the event, the groom and much more. A versatile collection thought to be used in various occasions, parties or events and not only by the groom but also by the party guests.

Fabrics predominantly from Italy province, rich raw materials that consist in fine wool or silk mixtures. Microstructure with the appearance of Jacquard and silkiness contrasting between shine and matt.

Remarkable shades of blue continue to be a big trend. Greys, silvers and blacks are brushed on innovating shades of burgundy and blue creating new chromatic nuances.

The New Collection features two styles which are well defined. On the Eternal line a classic and chic style is portrayed, reintegrating classic fabrics and icons on Men’s fashion based on tailoring.  On the Wedding line sophistication and modernity prevails. An eclectic and charismatic style was a fundamental concept to create it.

Emotion, charisma, detail and elegance illustrate a rich and seductive collection, with a romantic and passionate spirit.